Spock's Red Matter Ship

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For more information or to purchase this painting, please contact the Marietta Square Artist's Attic at the buy link provided here. (This painting is framed with black strip molding.) It's typical for my imagination to make up stories that appeal to my science fiction psyche. I had painted a very small piece entitled, "Red Mobile" and imagined it as a sort of flying rig. Who knows what a rig in the sky does, but Isaac Asimov would, so there I was, thinking about the things that only happen in the future (my imagination.) Anyway, as I finished this new larger piece, I decided it was going to be about flying things, again... Then, one of the great icons of science fiction and also a very talented artist, Leonard Nimoy passed away yesterday. Sigh. I really loved him, I was a huge fan of his Mr. Spock and also of his photography and his great intellect and spirit. So, I am dedicating this piece to him, renaming the piece after Spock's Red Matter ship. Three of them, a magical number, fly together now. Farewell, friend. RIP Mr. Nimoy, you have always been and shall always be, remembered.

  • Size: 18x24
  • Media: Acrylic on canvas